Adult Lessons

We have a whole range of adult classes at Wilton:

BRONZE Coaching – These sessions are for anyone that is new to tennis or have played before but are unable to rally, serve or play a game of singles against another player. We will teach you all the basic shots and rules of tennis. The aim of the session is to get you ready to rally from the baseline with another player, serve and begin to play some singles points.

SILVER Coaching – This class if players that already know how to play tennis but still need help with technique and tactics. We aim to cover is all of the basic technique on the core shots of tennis, stances and learning how to play both singles and doubles.

GOLD Coaching – This is for players that we deem to be of a club standard. You must be a competent singles and doubles layer, understand tennis rules, basic tactics and court positioning. This is aimed at players that are trying to improve their competitive level for social tennis or getting ready for team tennis. All Silver players must be recommended to participate in this session.

PLATINUM Coaching – This is for strong social tennis players and are just below the team practice level. You must be regularly competing in the club tournaments. You should be able to hit with topspin and slice on all shots. The aim is to get you to team level.

Please note that CHILDCARE VOUCHERS cannot be used for adult classes.

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