Mini Green

Mini tennis Green is for players aged 10 and under and is played on a full size court with racket sizes ranging from 26 inches to full sized 27 inch rackets. The balls are slightly softer and lighter than a yellow ball.

Green 1 is aimed at beginners or lower intermediate players . These sessions are mainly basket fed and all players are the correct stances, how to serve and how to volley, the technique for both forehand and backhand, and how to move on court. Once players have a good understanding of the basics, we will then start to introduce them to rallying with the coach and get them playing the game of tennis. As players are able to hold longer rallies from the service box, we will push them further back to the orange baseline which is 3/4 length of the full court and keep going until they can play from the full court baseline. Once they can hold rallies with the coach for 15-20 shots, 10 shots rallying with each other from the baseline and  serve 5/10 serves cross-court they are ready to progress to Orange 2.

Green 2 is aimed at our strongest Green ball players and need to have a coach recommendation before joining. These sessions contain a good mix of basket drills and rallying with the coach. All players will be expected to be able to rally from the full court baseline with each other for 10+ shots. We still go through all of the teaching progressions as we do in Green 1 and progress on the same teaching points with more advanced techniques. Players will be introduced drive volleys, inside out forehands and more advanced match tactics for both singles and doubles.

Our best players in Green 2 could be asked to represent the club in team matches.

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