Terms & Conditions


We/Us- Wilton Coaching Ltd.
You/Your- Customer


-All bookings can be made online by going to booking.wiltontennisclub.co.uk.
-Bookings are subject to availability
– Once your booking has been made you can assume your space is reserved unless you hear otherwise from us
– All fields of the application form must be completed to confirm your booking
– Payment must be received in advance to confirm your booking
– Payments can be made online for Group Sessions

-It is your responsibility to make sure that you are there to pick your child up on time after their session has finished.
-You should wear appropriate sports clothing, non-marking trainers, no jewellery and long hair should be tied back.
-Any form of abuse towards any of our staff will not be tolerated.
-Anyone that is deemed to be too disruptive to the class due to antisocial behaviour will not be allowed to continue on the course and no refund will be issued. However, every effort will be made to resolve any issues should this arise.

Inclement Weather
-In the event of inclement weather you must assume the group will go ahead unless you hear otherwise from us.
-Any sessions cancelled by us prior to the start time will be made up at another time of our choosing.
-Once a session has started it is deemed to have taken place and will not be made up if the weather turns bad during the session.
-The coach may leave the club after 15 minutes passed the start time if nobody shows and has not been warned of your late arrival.

Course cancellation/refunds
-No refunds will be issued once enrolled onto a course. If a valid medical certificate is produced stating you are unfit to attend the course. A  credit note may be issued for the number of sessions you are expected to miss.
-If you miss a session you may ask permission to make it up in another group that term providing there is another group on offer that is of a suitable level and there is sufficient space to accommodate any extra persons. If you wish to do this you MUST confirm with us.
-Any courses that have insufficient numbers of participants may be cancelled at our discretion.
-If a session is cancelled by us due to coach unavailability we will make up that session during the week following the last week of the course.                                                          – Any refunds that are issued will be minus the Stripe transaction fee that they charge when you book the course.

Membership and group pricing.
-All adults signing up to a Adult class must be a member of Wilton LTC
-Membership is not required for Juniors (ages 3-18) to take part in Junior group coaching.